This is a periodic posting of community links along with activity levels for discussion dedicated to Rebol and Rebol-like languages. The intent is to bring a dispersed community together by providing the current list of places where the community gathers along with reasonably accurate activity indicators for each place. This list will be posted in each location weekly or bi-weekly so that anyone dropping by will not have to look far in order to learn where else things are happening.

Currently the activity stats are gathered manually and postings are also not automated. This will hopefully change as the requisite scripts to scrape and post automatically are developed.


AltME Worlds

A private instant messaging system where rebolers hang out 24/7. The current world dedicated to Rebol and Rebol-like language discussion is called REBOL4

Web archives of public groups, first to last in the most active world, REBOL4, as well as the dormant world, REBOL3:

Activity: 286 posts last 6 days

Rebol Chat on Stack Overflow

Activity: 380 messages this week


Activity: 128 messages this month

R3 Chat

This is the primary forum for Rebol 3.0. It runs from any Rebol console in a text mode, but a GUI version is planned.

Activity: 4 messages this month


Rebol Google Group

Activity: 43 messages this month

Rebol Facebook Group

A special interest group for Facebook users.

Activity: 26 messages this month

Rebol Google+ Community

Activity: 4 messages this month

Nick’s Rebol Forum

A micro-forum (just a few lines of Rebol) hosted by Nick Antonaccio. (Note: the captcha question is first.)

Activity: 31 messages this month

Synapse EHR Rebol Forum

A web-based forum for R2 and R3, provided by Synapse EHR

Activity: 13 messages this month

RebelBB France (French)

A simple forum, written in Rebol, for French speakers.

Activity: 160 messages this month

Q&A (Question & Answer)

Stack Overflow Questions on Rebol

Activity: 219 questions tagged

Activity: 2 questions tagged